Does Technology Advance our Social Lives?

Anthony Lugo
2 min readApr 16, 2021


Our very way of living has changed into something a little unordinary because it is something very new. It has turned our lives from getting up and going out into the real world, to logging in our computers or devices to connect with others. Technology has become a significant tool to teach and learn, but how can anyone do this independently when life is about depending on others.

Only some students have returned to campus on April 12th, 2021. The remaining students have made their choices of staying online and learn virtually until the end of the year. Even though we are at home or at school, the basics of teaching remain to be online. Information can be found all over the web with many answers, it can take forever and the chances of your answers being right are slim.

There are teachers, mentors, or role models that looked over our work when we were in school. The same doesn’t apply to try to stay focus on your computer in an environment that isn’t suited for you. David Tapia, A senior from Eastside Highschool, owns a PC but still wants to go back to school. “being at home can make you lazy and not even do school work with everything around you, your siblings or parents can easily distract you.”

There’s a lot of social constructions that need to be built into technology but it is still used in phenomenal ways for multi-purposes. Although it does have its social limits, it’s been a good replacement for staying safe while earning an education.

Dr. Hall, a Science Teacher from Eastside High school, can relate to the limits of what it’s like teaching online, “you can’t teach experiments or special techniques, the simulations don’t provide the human experiences that someone could smell or put together.” Technology also has its Pros, and its Cons, “the pros are no disruptions in the classroom, but sometimes it can be a con that students may not actually follow along when their screens are idled. The cons are that students don’t communicate or follow directions very well and it’s hard to tell what students are doing and if they are actually grasping the lesson and following along. Technology doesn’t make it easier to help students or for them to ask for help.”

For more information about our school, please visit the Eastside High school web page. If you want to contact Dr. Hall for more insights into what she teaches, contact You wouldn’t be able to know without the Technology you’re using.